We offer several Endurance class options for those athletes that are looking to work on their aerobic capacity. 


Our regular Endurance class focuses on running technique and efficiency. The workouts are designed to increase speed and performance with running. They will also help increase your aerobic capacity for CrossFit WOD's. Class location will vary and will include track work at the Kirkwood High School track. Check the Endurance Workouts  to confirm class location.


From Memorial Day through Labor Day we offer swim class on Thursday mornings at 6am at the Lindgate Pool in Kirkwood. This class is designed for all swimming levels. Each class will offer stroke technique assistance, a swim set, and a swim WOD. Make sure to bring goggles and a towel.

Periodically we will plan group runs, bike rides, and we have a very active group of endurance athletes who participate in triathlons, trail running, road races, and obstacle mud runs.